Doctor’s emergency medicine dropper to help people with emergency drug needs

A patient’s dropper can help a doctor determine which emergency drug is most appropriate for their situation, according to a new patent application.

The invention, filed Wednesday by US drugmaker Pfizer and the Dutch drugmaker Aker, was named in a patent application filed by Pfizer in August.

In the patent, the device is designed to help the doctor determine if an emergency drug, such as hydrocodone, is the most appropriate to treat a patient’s condition.

According to Pfizer, the dispenser could be used to dispense a single dose of an emergency medication, which could then be used by other patients to decide whether to use it.

Patients with chronic pain, heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression, and other conditions can have the medications administered in an emergency, according Pfizer.

Pfizer is also looking to develop a version of the device that would allow a doctor to administer an overdose of a different emergency medication in an “overdose control mode,” as opposed to a prescription.

The patent describes the design as a “provisional method.”

Pfizers invention also involves the use of a “small, flexible, flexible-sphere dropper” that can be used on a patient to “dispatch an overdose dose of a specific drug, for example, an opioid medication, an opiate antagonist, an anti-inflammatory drug, an analgesic, an antidepressant, or an antiemetic drug,” the patent states.

“With the invention, the pharmacist can provide a dosage for a patient with an opioid overdose, a dosage that is suitable for the patient, and dispense it to a patient in a controlled manner,” Pfizer said.

The device, the patent claims, would also allow for “a single-dose dispensing of an overdose, such that the pharma­can may dispense the overdose dose by dispatching the dispensing dropper at a single time and location, or by dispensing the overdose dosage to a single patient.”

“The dispensing method could include dispatching a single overdose dose via the dispensable device, or dispatching an overdose to a person via a single dispensing device, and may include dispensing multiple overdose doses via multiple dispensing devices,” the application stated.

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