How to protect yourself from the ‘blunder’ virus

Dr. Gaurav Gupta, chief medical officer of the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), is on a mission to protect people from the flu blister virus, which has been circulating in the United States and Europe for the past year.

On Friday, Dr. Gupta announced that he was launching a campaign to raise awareness of the pandemic flu, which was first discovered in a study of a large group of US children who received vaccinations during 2009-10.

The CDC has been monitoring the pandemics outbreaks closely, particularly with regard to flu-like symptoms and vaccination coverage, but Dr. Gupta said the virus is not yet circulating widely enough in the US.

He told The Hindu that the flu pandemic was not just about spreading the flu virus.

“This pandemic is about the fact that the US has been unable to vaccinate people, and so it has become a disease of the people.

That is what is happening now.

The US is the only country where there are outbreaks of this pandemic,” he said.

Dr. Gupta said that although there are some people who are being vaccinated, it is a small minority.

“It is not a majority of people who have been vaccinated.

We are only seeing a small percentage of people vaccinated.

So, the vaccine campaign is really only aimed at educating the population about the pandemate,” he added.

He said the CDC has already been testing vaccines, but they have not yet been able to find any that are effective.

He added that, while the vaccine has a long way to go to reach the goal of reaching 99% coverage, there is still hope.

“I think the vaccine is the most important thing we have to do to stop the pandemia.

But if we do not vaccinate, we can’t protect ourselves from the pandemaker virus, so it is important to continue to vaccinating,” he remarked.