How to choose an effective herbal remedy for thyroid and thyroid hormone problems

A new herbal remedy is being developed to treat hypothyroidism and help you manage your health, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Researchers in Germany used blood samples from 10 people with mild to moderate hypothyroids and 10 people without thyroid disease and found that they had the same levels of thyroid hormone.

They were able to determine that the herbal remedy contained iodine, a natural mineral found in seaweeds and algae.

It is used in folk remedies such as herbal teas, creams and soaps and also in supplements, according the Journal.

The herbal remedy also contained the mineral magnesium, which is found in mushrooms and is found naturally in plants such as walnuts and berries.

This new medicine, called Caspofylla caspofelia, was developed by the German researchers.

It contains high levels of iodine and magnesium.

“I have heard of other herbal remedies for hypothyrosclerosis, but it’s not clear whether they are effective,” Dr Jens Währl, an expert in the field of thyroid medicine at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, said.

“This is a new way of thinking and we are exploring its potential to develop more herbal medicines for hypothermia.”

Dr Wähl said the herbal medicine might have therapeutic value in the case of people with chronic thyroid disease, but there was no evidence it was effective for people with other types of thyroid disorders.

“People with autoimmune thyroid disease can have the same problem but there is no evidence that these herbal remedies help in this type of condition,” he said.

“In terms of the general population, there is some evidence that thyroid medication can help with thyroid disorders, but we need more studies to see if this is actually true.”

Dr Günther Rehm, a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Thyroid Research in Germany, said the findings suggested there might be a therapeutic advantage to the herbal product.

“The study showed that in some cases, it is more effective than placebo,” he told the ABC.

“We need to investigate this further and look into the mechanism of action of this herbal remedy.”

Dr Rehm said there was not a large placebo control study to date and so there was a big unknown.

“If this is successful, we might see it used in combination with other herbal medicines, and it could potentially be a very effective way of managing thyroid disorders,” he added.