How to treat your newborns’ earache without medication

Infant cold medicine is often used to treat newborns who have difficulty breathing due to a medical condition like pneumonia, earache or ear infection.

But the pill doesn’t work for everyone.

If you have a baby, be sure to get the proper prescription from your health care provider.

Here are some of the things you need to know about infant cold medication:What you need when you need itHow to get an infant cold remedyWhat to look for in a newborn cold medicine bottleWhat to know if your baby has a medical problemHow to treat a newborn baby’s earache with infant cold medicinesHow to make a baby’s first cold medication injectionWhat to do if you’re allergic to infant cold medicationsWhat to think when you’re unsure of a newborn’s reactionHow to diagnose a newborn earacheHow to tell if you should be concerned with your baby’s reaction to an infant’s cold medicineHow to protect your newborn’s head when you inject the medicineHow not to give infants an earache medicineIf you have any questions about infant or infant cold remedies, contact the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Division of Pediatric Anaesthesia, Pediatric Surgery, and Anesthesia at: [email protected]