Dog diarrhea medicine can save you $1,000 a year

A $1.95 generic dog diarrhea medicine is being offered for a year by Mary’s Medics.

The product is called Dog Enzyme Solution, and it’s available in Canada for $29.95.

Mary’s said it was inspired to offer this medicine after seeing patients’ struggles to cope with the cost of treating their pets’ diarrhea.

The medication has been around for about 10 years, but the average patient spends about $150 on the drug.

“There is a lot of stigma associated with the word ‘dog,’ and we wanted to offer something that is accessible to people with pets,” said Mary’s President of Pharmacy and Marketing, Kelly Wills.

Marys Medics said the medication will be available in three different strengths: 1% to 4% and 0% to 1% in three doses.

The lower the dosage, the lower the risk of side effects.

“The lower the dose, the better the side effects,” Wills said.

“If you are using one dose, you can take it for just a few hours and then you will be fine.

If you take a second dose, it could take months before you notice any side effects.”

The medication is manufactured by Therapeutics Inc., and Therapeutic Health Corp., which is based in Toronto.

The company is aiming to be in distribution by next spring, although it’s not clear if the medication is currently available in stores or through pharmacies.

Mary’s said they are testing the medicine in Canada.

The medication is being priced at $49.95 a dose, which is roughly equivalent to the cost for a month of the $19.95 price tag for the generic drug.

Therapeutical Health said that price is based on the average cost of a month for the drug, which was $19 per month in Canada, and $26.99 in the United States.