Doctors: Cough medicine should be free for everyone

In a statement on the CNN iReport app, CVS said it has been in discussions with the Food and Drug Administration about the possibility of the drug being a “prescription allergy medicine” that would be covered by the Medicare program.

“CVS is committed to supporting our patients, and we are working to ensure that all CVS pharmacies in the United States have the capacity to provide the same access to our CVS Health products as others,” the statement said.

“We are currently exploring the potential of such a drug, but as a private company we cannot comment on pending legislation.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration said in January that it would allow a generic version of CVS’ cough medicine, called Zostaf, to be available through pharmacies in several states.

But the drug has not been licensed by the Food & Drug Administration.

The FDA said the company had not yet filed a formal application for the drug and did not have a timeframe for filing.

In its statement, CDP said the FDA had asked the company for information on “potential regulatory actions” the drug could face.