How to make your own yeast infection medicine

New Zealand is among the countries where doctors are turning to the home remedies of pink eye medicine.

The Kiwis are taking a step towards tackling the world’s largest yeast infection pandemic.

Dr Peter Jackson says he’s been working on pink eye medicines for years.

“There are a number of pink eyes that you can get, and the reason I like them is because they’re pink.

We’re using them because they are very effective and they are actually very cheap,” he told the BBC.

He says they’re not a “doctored remedy” but are the result of an experiment that was undertaken in Auckland in the 1970s.

New Zealand’s Pink Eye Medicine experiment was the brainchild of Dr Peter Jackson, who is now based in New Zealand’s capital city of Auckland.

While his pink eye medication is no longer commercially available, it’s still used in the country.

Jackson said the treatment works by targeting a specific gene that was previously responsible for producing a protein that was believed to be a protective factor for yeast.

In the experiment, he gave an infected patient a capsule containing a protein called “pink-eye-2”.

The patient was then asked to take a capsule of the active ingredient called “vitamin B-12”.

Once the patient took the capsule, a protein inside of the capsule released a compound called “brown-eye” in response to the protein.

This chemical is produced by yeast.

Jackson said he and his team were surprised at how effective the treatment was.

It took three days for the patient to clear the symptoms, but Jackson said he was surprised by how quickly it worked.

Since the treatment is safe, he said the team is hoping to make it commercially available in the next few years.

Jackson says there are currently no specific strains of yeast that produce the protein that’s responsible for pink eye, but the treatment might work on other strains.

However, the researchers don’t have a reason yet to see if they can make the pink eye treatment safe for everyone.