What is Reddit?

Reddit is an online community dedicated to sharing, discussing, and celebrating new, interesting, and/or exciting ideas.

The platform is built by the collective of people who use it, and it’s powered by users.

The site hosts nearly 10 billion pageviews a month and hosts over 2 billion unique users, with over 8 billion unique posts each month.

The service has gained a reputation as a destination for creativity, as well as a platform for sharing stories, images, and videos.

But its creators have also found ways to turn the site into a home for other kinds of content, too.

The website has been dubbed “the Internet of content,” and it is an incredibly popular source of news and information on the web.

In fact, Reddit’s primary focus is to share content with users.

In the year and a half since its launch, Reddit has grown into the largest and most influential website on the internet, with more than 7 million active users.

While some sites have grown to enormous popularity in their own right, Reddit is by far the most popular.

According to data from Statista, its userbase surpassed the number of Facebook and Twitter users combined in November 2016.

And despite the enormous reach, the site is still in need of more resources.

Reddit is a decentralized site that allows users to submit content to the site.

There are no moderators.

Users can vote on the content that is submitted, and if it gets more than 50 votes, it’s approved.

Users who submit content can see what other users think, and can also upvote and downvote posts.

Reddit’s users can also submit their own content.

If a user makes a submission, they can earn Reddit points, which can be used to buy things on the site or to improve the site in some other way.

The system has a “trending” section that gives users insight into the overall health of the site and other content.

A “meta” section has an algorithm that sorts the content based on whether it has been submitted by other users or not.

This allows the site to rank for things like popularity, relevance, and content quality.

A popular section called “buzz” allows users the chance to ask questions about the content they are submitting.

This can help users learn about the topic or give them a more specific point of view.

It’s also where people can discuss other aspects of the Reddit community.

But Reddit has also become a home to some controversial content, including the site’s alleged censorship of controversial topics like GamerGate and Islam.

A few weeks ago, Reddit made headlines after it announced that it had blocked the subreddit r/IAmA, which is used to promote popular and influential individuals.

This subreddit is known for being a hub for discussion about the topics of GamerGate and the shooting of the Muslim teen in Minnesota.

The subreddit was shut down, and the subreddit’s moderators have been banned from r/Reddit.

The community is still online and active.

Reddit users have been quick to criticize the site for its censorship, which they say is unjustified.

Reddit moderators have responded by posting a series of tweets and making statements in defense of the content.

But the subreddit also has a history of controversial content that has received some backlash from users.

On December 7, a Reddit user called @SaltyDiet posted an image titled “The Truth about the New York City Subway.”

The caption reads: “New York City’s subway system is going bankrupt, and is about to be demolished.

 If this is true, I am afraid it will be a terrible day for the rest of us.”

Users took to the subreddit to express their concerns about the news and shared their experiences with the news.

A woman named Kaitlyn wrote in a post that she was “in shock.”

She explained that she had moved from New York to California a year ago and her husband is “unable to work because of the subway.”

Kaitlin said she has had to move out of her house in order to take care of her elderly mother and two children.

She wrote that her son has epilepsy and she worries that the new subway line will be unsafe.

Another user called jared wrote that he moved to New York from Michigan because he was worried about the subway.

The post received hundreds of comments, with many saying they believed the story and that it was based on true facts.

The New York Post reported on the story, which has since been removed.

Some Redditors have also suggested that Reddit should remove all posts that promote “anti-Muslim” topics.

Some have argued that the site should be more open about its stance on race.

In a statement, Reddit spokesperson Jessica Moreno said the company “does not tolerate content that encourages violence or harassment against any group of people.”

“We believe that any content that glorifies hate or encourages violence against any individual or group of individuals is not acceptable on Reddit,” she added.

However, there’s a growing community of people on Reddit who do not agree with the company