Michigan doctor who allegedly infected 11 patients with Lyme disease dies at 85

A Michigan doctor has died at 85 after a three-year battle with Lyme Disease, the hospital said on Tuesday.

Dr. Jeffrey R. Luechner was diagnosed with the disease in the late 1990s and treated by two Michigan hospitals for about a decade.

He also had a private practice in Lakewood, Michigan.

He was a physician at the University of Michigan Medical School.

He was also a member of the Northwestern Medicine Family Medicine Society.

In his medical practice, Luecher treated Lyme disease patients and was in the process of becoming licensed as a doctor, the University Health System said in a statement.

In 2016, Luesner was accused of giving the patients with the Lyme disease a false diagnosis of the disease, and he was suspended from his practice.

In a statement, the Northwest Medicine Family Medical Society said Luechers death was “a great loss for the NorthWestern Medicine Family, his patients and our community.”

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services said Luescher had been employed by the department since 2011 and had been a full-time employee of the state.

Luechners death was the second death of a medical professional linked to Lyme disease.

In 2018, a Michigan woman died from the disease after being treated for Lyme Disease in Lakeland.