Which teams are the best for medical marijuana?

It is the first week of April and the football season is in full swing.

As of Monday morning, there are more than 100,000 registered players in the Bundesliga, the second-highest number in the world behind France, where there are about 250,000.

This season there have been about 1.8 million games played in Germany, about a fifth of the number of the last season.

And of those, about half have been played in the league, with the other half being played in a number of leagues in the European Union.

It is no surprise that this is the case.

According to the German football federation (DFB), there are only 12,000 medical marijuana clubs, and there are at least 500 in the Premier League.

There are also a few dozen clubs in the English Premier League, with clubs in other leagues like the MLS and the Bundesliga all in the running for the title of best club in the country.

It may seem odd that the Bundesliga is the one place in the game where people are able to buy and smoke marijuana.

But this is because, according to the law, clubs are allowed to only grow up to three plants per club.

That means only clubs with three or more clubs in their league can grow a legal quantity of marijuana.

Clubs with one or two clubs in a league can only grow a small amount.

It was only recently that the governing body of the German Football Association (DFb) decided to allow clubs to grow a total of six marijuana plants per season.

This is because medical marijuana is illegal in Germany and the German government is not keen on the issue of cannabis growing.

The German government, however, still considers it a criminal offense to grow medical marijuana.

However, clubs that are registered in the national leagues and are located within their borders can still grow up a maximum of six plants per team.

This rule has been in place since December, but clubs in different leagues will not have to comply with it until 2020.

So the clubs in this season’s Bundesliga have been able to grow up into six plants and there is no doubt that the clubs have been successful in growing the legal number of marijuana plants in their leagues.

However the number still seems low.

The Bundesliga is not the only German league to be struggling with the number one ranking.

Last year the Bundesliga posted a very good season, but it has been marred by a series of problems.

In December, the league was forced to pay a fine of about €7.5 million ($8.5m) for not following the league’s rules.

According, the club that received the money was the second most successful in the top flight.

That money, however had no bearing on the other teams in the season.

The money is still going to the club, but they will not be able to collect any of the money until 2020 and it will not even affect their top-flight season.

Some of the clubs that received this money, such as the Borussia Dortmund, are already in financial trouble and are looking for a new club to buy their place in Europe’s biggest club competition.

The league is in no position to afford this.

But if the league does not manage to pay the fine in the next couple of years, the next big problem will arise.

According the German law, any club that has been declared a “major club” can only buy one team.

So even though the Bundesliga has been able get the number number one spot, it is not a permanent thing.

At the moment, the top four clubs in Germany are the RB Leipzig, Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich and Borussia Mönchengladbach.

The number one club in Europe is Bayern Munich, but the number two is also not that good.

The top three clubs in Europe are all from Germany and they are all in Europe.

The last club to qualify for the Champions League is Lyon, while the fifth-most successful club is Ajax.

If the number four spot is not available in the upcoming season, it will likely be the end of the Bundesliga for next season.

It will be the same for the league in the coming years.

The next year will probably be the worst, but in 2020, the Bundesliga could also be the best.

The Premier League The Premier league has been growing steadily for the last decade.

It has a lot to do with the fact that the league is the best in Europe for the football industry.

As a result, the leagues rules, regulations and fans expectations are being carefully crafted.

For example, there is a limit on the number clubs in every league, and that is also a reason why the number has been steadily increasing.

The regulations on medical marijuana have been tightened in the last two years.

As an example, this year, a new rule was introduced that states that the number allowed in every club must not exceed the number registered in their national leagues.

If a club is registered in two leagues and one of them is the Premier league, the number will have to be