Medical professionals should be given special access to bathroom medicine cabinets


They should have access to the toilet where the patient is waiting.

They should be able to have access, and if they want to go in and get their own medication, they should be allowed to do that.

That’s the right thing to do.

The medical profession should be protected from lawsuits for having to put patients in their own bathrooms to do the work that they do in the hospitals.

It should be an absolute right.

But it’s a very high bar.

And the medical profession has a very hard time meeting that bar.

That is, they’re not allowed to charge more for what they’re going to do in a patient’s own bathroom.

So if they do it, then they have to make the patient pay.

The cost of that is going to be higher.

And they’re making a terrible decision.

I’ve seen patients who have died and they had to wait for a week or two before they were admitted.

They were so dehydrated.

They could have been rushed in and taken in right away.

But they weren’t given that option.

We should be providing more choice.

The same way we provide choice to parents and students and to business owners, the same way I’m providing choice to the medical professionals, I want the same choice to be afforded to the American people.

I’m going to bring back our great health care system.

And if you don’t like that, you should leave the country.

And it’s going to take a lot of work to get there, and we’re going, in part, to do it.

And I’ll tell you what, I’m willing to work with Democrats and Republicans, and independents to get it done.

But you have to remember what we’re talking about here is the best thing that can happen to our country.

The American people will thank me for it.

The president has called for a $15 minimum wage, and he’s also committed to $15 health care premiums for all workers.

The White House said that’s part of the president’s $1 trillion plan.

But the president is not making good on his promise.

In fact, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that if you cut wages to $10 an hour by 2026, the total bill would rise to $3 trillion.

That includes the additional cost of higher premiums and higher costs to the economy.

And that’s not even counting the cost of keeping premiums low, which would leave millions of workers out of work.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

That doesn’t pay enough to buy food, clothing, or housing.

It’s not enough to survive on.

And now we’ve got to have $15 an hour, and that’s a good starting point.

The minimum wage needs to be increased to $11 an hour for all Americans.

And we can make that happen.

We can raise the minimum wage to $13 an hour and get it up to $16 an hour later.

We have to do this because we need a real, fair, strong, modern, thriving economy that works for all of us.

And so it’s not going to happen overnight.

There are people working their asses off to make this happen.

There’s a lot more work to do than the president thinks.

But I will say this, the president has been out of touch on this issue for a long time.

He was out of step when he promised to raise the wages of Americans.

He wasn’t out of tune when he said we were going to create 3 million jobs.

And he was out there promoting tax cuts for the wealthy and his tax cuts to the wealthy.

And at some point, you’ve got got to ask him, where is his leadership?

I’m not asking him to do anything.

I am asking him if he’s willing to put his health care and safety at risk to get this done.

So we’re looking forward to working with the president and I hope he will lead.

But at the same time, the facts tell us that we have to change our health care costs.

We’ve got more Americans dying from preventable causes than any time since the Great Depression.

We are seeing more people getting sick.

And more of our health problems are going to continue to be preventable, because we have no plan to get them under control.

And when we have the opportunity to fix our health system, I am prepared to work in concert with the administration to make that change.

So let me tell you, we’ve already begun to work together on an approach to addressing our health problem.

The fact is, we’re not getting the results we’re asking for.

And a lot has changed in the last six years.

And this president, and his team, have not kept pace.

We’re going through a very challenging period.

But we have a real chance to get the results that we want.

We will succeed if we